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Our unique design guarantees a finished repair hole that maintains factory new geometry.

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Each bushing stays put with an interference fit. Hardened bushings ensure the repaired mounting hole will always remain the same granting thousands of more acres in the future of your implement.

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The Solution for improper seed placement from your No-till Grain Drill

        We are farmers from the fertile coastal plain of eastern North Carolina.  After several years of enjoying good results from our John Deere 750 no-till seed drills, we began to notice a decline in the quality of our soybean and wheat stands.  The problem was traced back to poor seed placement due to excessive play at the seed boot mounting point.  There were no commercially available solutions, at that time, that we felt adequately addressed this problem. 

       Falling back on technology developed to address cracks in the critical wing spars of our crop dusting aircraft, we were able to develop a repair technique that proved to be both economical and long lasting.  Our main criteria was to develop a repair that could be performed on the machine without removing major components, be repeatedly performed with enough accuracy to guarantee the integrity of the boot to blade fit and was an economic “no brainer”.  Having met and exceeded these goals with the prototype kits, we were asked by our neighbors to both provide 750 series kits and develop similar fixes for the 60 and 90 series machines.

        From this humble beginning, we have since provided enough parts to fix tens of thousands of row units covering all models of John Deere single opener seed drills.  Kits have been sent worldwide, and to date, we have not been confronted with a drill that could not be repaired using this technique. 

        By ensuring that their expensive seed is properly placed, our customers have enjoyed better stands, higher yields, and the ability to reduce seeding rates.  They also have greatly extended the life of their drills, thereby reducing machinery costs.